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Who works at Schiavi Custom Builders?

People who care. People who take pride in their work. People who want to be the best at what they do. People who love their families. People who like to challenge themselves to do better. People who accept responsibility. People who want to make a difference.

Hi, this is Scott. All of us here at Schiavi Custom Builders have certain expectations of ourselves. It is most important to establish goals and expectations that we are all committed to achieving. The most important responsibility that each of us has is to our individual families and to whatever faith, spirit, or religion we each choose to follow. Schiavi Custom Builders is our third responsibility.

We believe that our mental and physical health are most important to providing a great work environment. Consequently, we offer an excellent benefits package including health insurance and time off. That includes holidays, personal time, and vacation time. We also want to provide for financial needs for today and into retirement. This means a solid wage plus retirement plans (i.e. 401k & IRA).

What do we do when we aren't at work?

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